Covid 19 policies, procedures and protocols


The safety of our clients and staff is first and foremost and as such we have worked around the clock for the last several weeks in preperation for our re opening. We want to start off by saying a huge THANK YOU!!!!! to our clients and staff who have and continue to supports us through this very difficult time. Your health and safety mean so much to us thus is why we have put into place as of May 19th 2020 the Smart Motion Covid – 19 protocols. Please see below.


– On the day of your appointment, we will require you to fill out an online Screening Questionnaire. This form ensures you are an appropriate candidate for in person care and are comfortable with the risks associated with an in person appointment. You will not be able to receive treatment until the screening process is completed.

 – When you arrive at the clinic, please wait outside the clinic or in your vehicle until the time of your appointment. We do NOT have a waiting area until further notice. In the case that there is a delay for your appointment start time we will contact you by phone to notify you of this and then call you again when we are ready for you to enter the clinic. Please be sure to provide our administrative team your cell phone number when booking.

 – Please leave all personal items (including jackets, water bottles, coffee cups etc) in your vehicle.

 – Once you enter the clinic, you must stop at the hand sanitizing station and sanitize your hands.

– We do recognize that some people (do to reasons beyond there control) may not be able to wear a mask during the visit. You may choose to wear a mask if you like, if you do not have one and would like to wear a mask we do sell them for 2.00 each. We have NOT yet mandated mask wearing yet however you MAY be asked to wear one in certain situations or you may be asked to wear one by your practitioner and vice versa you may at anytime request your practitioner to wear one.

 – Please note that there will be no washrooms available to the public except in the case of an emergency. Please use the washroom at home prior to leaving for your appointment.

 – All billing and payments will occur without direct contact with the receptionist. We ask that you tap your credit or debit card to pay for your appointments at this time. You will receive an electronic receipt via email. Your exercise program will also be emailed to you following your appointment.

 – You will then proceed to the exit and sanitize your hands once more on the way out. Paper masks may be disposed of in the waste bin near the exit. Please be sure to sanitize hands after removing a mask.

  – Our sanitization methods have been increased and each room will be thoroughly sanitized after each session. This includes the bed, pillows, chair, machines, other equipment, and bolsters. We are sanitizing frequently touched areas (door handles, chair arm rests, equipment including weights and bands) will be done repeatedly through the day and after each use.

We take the health and safety of our clients very seriously and are doing everything we can (please see below) to ensure you are comfortable and safe during your visit to our clinic. Please check this page often as we work our way through our reopening process as we will update our policies and procedures often.

– We are deep cleaning our clinic 3 times per week

– We sanitize ALL high touch surfaces once per hour

– We have increased our sanitizing stations in the clinic

– We have eliminated touch pay options and have moved to a complete contactless pay

– We have added the OPTION at the request of the client to have a contactless physiotherapy treatment

– We now have a NO wait policy, this means when you enter our clinic at your appointment time you will be brought directly to your treatment room


One of our policies at Smart Motion has always been to listen to our clients and there needs, as we speak to our clients we will continue to adjust our policies on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us or email us before booking or arriving for your appointment. 604-372-2750 or