Frequently Asked Questions

​1) What is I.M.S?

A) ​IMS is a therapeutic form of treatment performed by a physiotherapist that utilizes thin, solid, filament needles to stimulate neuromuscular tissues. Myofascial trigger points, or “knots” in the muscles are needled because they are part of the production and maintenance of the pain cycle and they can often refer pain to other areas in the body. IMS is helpful in “resetting” dysfunction in the muscle being treated so that specific, active strengthening can be resumed.

2) ​How does an I.C.B.C claim work?

A) ​In the event you are in a motor vehicle accident, in most cases, I.C.B.C partially covers the fee for up to 20 physiotherapy visits. Each client is responsible for the user fee after each treatment session. Be sure to seek medical advice following an accident before starting physiotherapy treatment. When coming to see us for the first time, please bring your claim number as well as your adjuster’s name and phone number. If you have a lawyer please bring their contact information as well.

3) What is a user fee?

A) The user fee is the cost difference that a clinic charges patients when third party payer/insurer rates are below the clinic fee. The user fee plus the insurer rate reflects the total cost of the visit.

Examples of third party payers: ICBC, MSP, WorkSafeBC (See more at:

​Source: P.A.B.C (